electric wire rope hoists
The best ideas in compact format: NOVA hoists

Among experts, the NOVA electric wire rope hoists enjoy an excellent reputation, due to their outstanding design and the many extras that come as standard. The Nova hoists include also a wide range of innovative SWF features such as the excellent ratio between the diameters of the rope drum and the load rope, the powerful drive system, minimum load sway and the small approach dimensions.

The application of technologies that reduce wear of the high-quality materials guarantees an extended service life of the equipment.

See for yourself what NOVA electric wire rope hoists by SWF can do for you. If you are looking for maximum flexibility, the NOVA is the solution for you..
The drum became larger, the rest smaller.

The most important aspect of the NOVA electric wire rope hoists is the extremely large rope drum which reduces wear of the wire rope. A range of other features guarantees a safe and efficient functioning at an affordable price.

• minimum horizontal hook travel
• minimum approach dimensions
• minimum load sway
• minimum wear
• low maintenance cost
• small own weight
• the innovative NOVA design allows for optimised motor
    cooling even during heavy duty operation
• both the lifting motor and gear systems can be easily
• the brakes are designed to match the service life of the
    lifting system (SWP according to FEM)
• oversized toothed wheels in the lifting gear ensure safe
    and reliable operation
• the 4-step geared limit switch is located in the terminal
   box, which is mounted on the gear box and is easily
   accessible. This includes a protection step which prevents
   damaging of the hoist in case of phase mismatch.
• the NOVA systems feature a modular design
• the dimensions and performance of the NOVA series set
    new standards
• NOVA is a reliable product made from high-quality


Wherever you wish to install an electric hoist - have a look at the NOVA specifications first. SWF's technology is setting the standard. NOVA solutions are of particular interest to operators that need short approach dimensions and low headrooms. The NOVA products include however a wide range of other advanced technical features.

Loads can for example be lifted with minimum horizontal hook travel, and moved and positioned with greatest care and virtually no swaying by the frequency-controlled trolley system MicroMove.

The NOVA products have been designed with maintenance in mind, so that all assemblies can be easily accessed and serviced.


NOVA can be suited to fit your premises.

NOVA hoists offer the best approach dimensions and smallest headroom for electric hoist systems.

The available space is utilised in the most efficient manner, and construction costs for premises can be reduced.
With NOVA, you don't have to worry about load sway and hook travel:

With NOVA, loads can be lifted with minimum hook travel. The load sway is thus reduced, which enhances the safety of the operation and reduces the costs for the crane installation.


NOVA electric wire rope hoists are available in various designs and to suit a wide range of applications.

Apart from the many extras that come with the standard model, SWF offers many options that allow you to customise the NOVA hoist to meet your specific requirements.

Standard equipment

• 2-speed hoisting motors (6/1) or frequency inverter

• duty cycle of lifting motors 60 %

• lifting motors equipped with thermistors

• 4-step geared limit switch

• overload protection

• trolley drive with MicroMove frequency inverter
    control system

• IP55 protection for motors and electrical control

• insulation class F motors

• single girder trolley equipped with special safety
    device to prevent derailment

• load hook with latch


fixed hoist

• for free-standing, suspended or wall-mounted installation

double-girder trolley with high (H) or medium connection (M)

• minimum headroom

• optimised headroom

• easily accessible components

single-girder trolley, compact design

• extremely low headroom

single girder trolley, standard design, normal headroom

• ideal for installation at locations with limited
    lateral space

• ideal for extreme hoisting heights and heavy loads

Excerpt from the product portfolio
NovaMaster: a quantum leap into the future

NovaMaster guarantees excellent safety and a long service life of the lifting gear due to ...

• smooth lifting and stopping of load

• permanent overload protection

• automatic control of the lifting speed upon braking and acceleration

• continuous monitoring of the safe working period (SWP)

NovaMaster sets new standards for hoists. This innovative lifting gear monitoring system for electric hoists ensures hoist operation with unrivalled safety and minimum wear and tear to the lifting gear.

NovaMaster measures and analyses all relevant crane data from which, for example, the current load on the hook can be calculated. The system also monitors the lifting motor and protects it against overload.

As NovaMaster ensures smooth lifting and stopping manoeuvres, mechanical components and hoisting brakes are protected against excessive wear. During braking and acceleration, the system switches to the lowest lifting speed so that the brake is relieved. In addition, NovaMaster continuously monitors safe working period (SWP).

All relevant lifting gear parameters such as SWP, total number of starts, total operating time, average calculated load, SWP of the lifting brake, etc. and error messages are shown on the display.

The optional display unit can be mounted on the control pendant and the load display (accuracy ± 5%) caters for an optional tare weight function. With a display in the control pendant, relevant crane data can be shown and programming can be done. This enables a fast and easy control of the functioning of the crane.