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SATAJET X 5500 RP Digital 1,3 CC Rauð

SATAJET X 5500 RP Digital 1,3 CC Rauð



Product information

Short description

SATAJET X 5500 CC RP 1,3 Digital


The SATAjet X 5500 Clear Coat Edition impresses with its newly developed, special nozzle set for clear coat application. The optimised material distribution in combination with a finer atomisation allows users to achieve closed wetting even at a low layer thickness.

Special clear coat nozzle with additional designation "cc" (SATAjet X 5500 RP 1.3cc).

The advantages:

  • A special clear coat nozzle based on the proven I-nozzle technology
  • Fine and homogeneous atomization for a perfect clear coat application
  • Closed wetting even at low film thicknesses
  • I-nozzle jet geometry enables controlled application