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Lyfta Skæra 2,8T Færanleg SKY 1 fasa

Lyfta Skæra 2,8T Færanleg SKY 1 fasa



Product information

Short description

Lyfta Skæra 2,8T Færanleg SKY 1 fasa Samtals 4 hlutir


 Main Features:

  1. Perfect for servicing cars, vans and light-duty trucks.
    2. Ideal for tire, wheel, and brake related repairs, and chassis overhaul.
    3. Twin hydraulic cylinders, 6000-lbs lifting capacity.
    4. Portable motor cart serves as tow handle to easily move lift from bay to bay.
    5. Adjustable arm assemblies, adapters’ height adjustable.
    6. Double safety lock bar with multiple lock positions.
    7. Fast and efficient operation.

Main Specifications:

 1. Lift Capacity:


 2. Max. Height without Adapters:


 3. Max. Height with Adapters:


 4. Min. Height:


 5. Shipping Dimensions:

 2060mm x 1050mm

 6. Power Supply:


 7. Machine Weight: